Eleven High Schools in the Midwest Participated in Euro Challenge 2014

Eleven high schools from Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin participated in the 2014 Euro Challenge.

GlobalFest 2014

GlobalFest is an annual event that celebrates world languages and cultures, and encourages middle and high school students to make connections with the global society.

U-46 Teacher Travels the Globe to Enhance Her Lessons

Elgin Area School District teacher Chris LaRue spent two weeks in Turkey in 2013, a trip that was almost entirely funded by the Turkish Cultural Foundation.

EU Centers of Excellence Education Trip to Belgium

Read two teachers' experiences during the 2013 EU Centers of Excellence Education Trip to Belgium.

TED Helps European and American Educators Connect

The Transatlantic Educators Dialogue (TED), held from February through May, gives American and European educators an opportunity to meet virtually to discuss educational issues.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Resources for Teachers

Wondering how you can integrate more materials on the EU in your classroom? Don’t know where to look? Check out the EU Center’s resource pages for teachers. The Center has a lot of options for general knowledge about the EU, including copious internet links and materials (http://www.euc.illinois.edu/resources/internet/). For more specific materials addressing the

Illinois/EU relationship, visit our “Connections” website (http://connections.euc.illinois.edu/classroom/). Check back frequently for new resources as they come to our (or your) attention!

2011 EUC Summer Curriculum Development workshop

For those of you who could not make the 2011 EUC Summer Curriculum Development workshop, here are some highlights from our fantastic four-day conference:

• Keynote Speaker Dr. Terri Givens participated in the WILL Focus 580 talk show with David Inge, discussing the immigration dilemma for the EU and US http://will.illinois.edu/focus/interview/focus110622a/

• Visit our workshop page for recent news stories and scholarly articles on our theme: “Destination Europe: Immigration and European Integration” http://www.euc.illinois.edu/eucdw2011/resource.html

Stay tuned for more posts from workshop participants! If you are interested in learning more
about our annual curriculum development workshop, join the discussion on our facebook page.

Illinois Translation Competition

Announcing the first annual Illinois Translation Competition for Illinois high school students of European Languages

The European Union Center has partnered with the University of Illinois Center for Translation Studies to offer the first translation competition for high school students of its kind in the United States. By fostering a greater knowledge and understanding of European languages, students have a unique opportunity to develop their skills and possibly contribute to the burgeoning language policies and programs of the European Union. Teachers will learn about U of I programs, the professional fields of translation and interpretation, and will benefit from tips on how to incorporate translation in the classroom and networking with other teachers. Online registration (https://illinois.edu/fb/sec/6997337) is now available. For more information, visit http://www.euc.illinois.edu/translationcompetition/index.html.

The Illinois High School Translation Competition was also highlighted in the October 20, 2011 issue of "Inside Illinois"

If you have any questions, contact Anastasia Lakhtikova: alakhtik@illinois.edu

3rd Annual Midwest Euro Challenge Competition Winners

Announcing the 3rd Annual Midwest Euro Challenge Competition Winners

The European Union Center congratulates the 2011 Midwest Euro Challenge participants and winners! The Midwest region was represented by:

1st Place winners – Madison East High School, Madison, WI, William Gibson, Teacher

2nd Place winners – Valley High School, West Des Moines, IA, Kelsey Hudson, Teacher

On March 23rd, 2011, six teams of 9th and 10th grade students competed at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago for a chance to participate at the Euro Challenge Semi-Final and Final rounds in New York City. This year six teams from Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and Wisconsin participated at the regional competition. The Midwest Euro Challenge is sponsored by the European Union Center, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, and WISE (Working in Support of Education). Stay tuned for updates and materials for the 2012 competition season. Additional information about these participants and teacher and student materials are available at:

http://www.euro-challenge.org/news/ and http://www.euc.illinois.edu/eurochallenge/index.html

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